Who is Jesus? What were his life, death and resurrection all about? How do we know?

During his time on earth, Jesus changed the lives of many ‘everyday’ people. Ordinary people with jobs, families, and friends.

Follow the stories of 9 eyewitnesses, as they reveal who Jesus is through the things they saw and experienced. Find out more about who these people were, and why their stories are remarkable.

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John the Baptist  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Rafa, Paralysed Man  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Simon Peter, Disciple of Jesus  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Anna, The Galilee Gourmet  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Daniel, The Blind Man  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Salome, Mother of James and John  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Atara, The Owner of the Colt  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Longinus, The Centurion  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

Mary, The Woman at the Tomb  ||  Twitter  ||  Instagram

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