What is all this?

“Jesus: Watch. Listen. Follow.”

It’s all about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection as recorded in Mark’s gospel. Learn about the life of Jesus through documentaries, talks and stories from eyewitnesses straight out of the New Testament. This series is running online, and live at Creek Road, Australia.

To discover the unfolding story of Jesus, click on an eyewitness from the homepage to explore their unique perspective. On each eyewitness page, you will find their profile, a documentary of the events around their story, a video of them telling their story and a video of a talk explaining the Bible passage.


Watch: Mini documentaries on the historical events of Jesus’ life
Listen:    To talks from our Bible teachers, and stories from visiting eyewitnesses straight out of the New testament
Follow: The eyewitnesses of Jesus on Twitter and Instagram. Get their perspective on Jesus as they tweet it live from Feb 1- Apr 5 2015


Watch the videos below for a taste of the series.


DOCUMENTARIES: The documentaries feature footage filmed on location in Israel and Jordan by Creek Road Media in early 2014.Watch the teaser here:


SOCIAL MEDIA What will it will be like to follow the eyewitnesses of Jesus online, and get the story of Jesus from their perspective:


Watch the teasers.
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Follow online at watchlistenfollow.org