Who We Are

Creek Road is a Presbyterian Church with three campuses at Carina, South Bank, and Springfield. We also have a partner church; Para Hills in Adelaide.

Everything we do as a church is about Jesus – is a response to the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf on the cross.

Our “Jesus – watch. listen. follow” site is a resource for you to use as you explore who Jesus is, and find out for yourself, just what this sacrifice on the cross is all about.

The site is based on the Book of Mark and looks at the events in the life of Jesus through the eyewitness accounts of 9 everyday people.

We invite you to:

Watch –

  • as we take you to the places Jesus walked, in a series of videos that explore the facts behind these events
  • vodcasts and podcasts of our Sunday talks are available for you to watch and listen to

Listen –

  • To what the eyewitness saw and experienced
  • To what Jesus says through the book of Mark

Follow –

  • Our eyewitness as they tell their stories.

To find out more about Creek Road Presbyterian, visit us this Sunday or go to www.creekroad.org.au.